Navimi Android Wear


Camilo Martinez

  • Wearable Interaction
  • Tourism
  • Android Wear

Frequent users of public transport around Milan city. This group of users is the one most willing to invest effort in using a dedicated application for navigation as they are used to use public transport anyway. Even though these frequent commuters usually know very well the route they take the most, there are places in the city where they usually don’t go, so the need to get navigation instructionsfor those places arise mainly in this scenario for this kind of users. Frequent commuters also share the need to have updated information about commuting time and possible maintenance or last minute alerts. Among these the most common need is to know the waiting time for arrival of the next vehicle covering the route the user wants to take. This is further illustrated by the fact that this information is usually available in both underground stations and surface lines stops except for the minor ones where sometimes is even difficult to know whether the announced line is active or not.


  • End-users expect help while using public transport
  • Frequent users expect navigation instructions for routes not usually taken by them
  • Current commuters want to know how much waiting time do they expect
  • Occasional users expect detailed navigation help to move around the city
  • Ease navigating around Milan using public transport
  • Indirectly, increase user satisfaction with ATM information services