Sala delle Asse – Playful Interaction


Angelo Di Pilla

Corrado Palese

Javier Moure Tribaldos

  • Touch Interaction
  • Painting and Restoration Process
  • Sala delle Asse (Sforza Castle – Milan)
  • Microsoft PixelSense
  • Web Technologies

Sala delle Asse is a room in the Sforza Castle in Milano with a Leonardo’s painting on the ceiling, that went through a long period of restoration for EXPO 2015. To entertain and inform the visitors of the museum we thought about a Surface application composed of several mini­games, that guide the user to a final learning.

The fundamental goal that users want to achieve is getting information about the painting and the restoration process. Given that our users are very dishomogeneous and the it’s difficult to understand its artistic importance just looking at it, we thought about gamification to involve people interacting with the system and get information having fun. We analyzed many different scenarios, but finally we focused on the accuracy painting game, because we thought it was the most effective way to make users to dive into the details of the portrayed patterns.

Overlapped layers and simulated restoration Given two images of the same detail overlapped the user can simulate the restoration process using a brush or his own fingers erasing the foreground image and going to the background one.

Accuracy painting Using brushes or fingers the user is required to follow some patterns on the painting so that the accuracy can be evaluated and a scoreboard displayed.

Puzzles Given a picture we can split it in few pieces and ask the user to rearrange them in the original position.

Memory Given few images duplicated, the system shows, shuffles and flip the cards. The user task is to find the couples and when a couple is found information is displayed. (Two variant possible: shuffling before or after flipping the cards)

Millionaire Game Ask to the user some questions where he has to chose among few options. Each time an answer is given the solution is revealed.

Fortune wheel or roulette The user spins the wheel or activate the roulette and gets informations randomly.

QR-code postcard and flyers We can provide postcards (or similar) with a QR­code on the back side and a picture on the front one. When the card is laid on the screen the code is recognised and info about the image are displayed.

Timeline of the painting and restoration Starting from the original painting date show the different phases of realization, degradation and restoration. The chronological events are displayed on a horizontal layout with pictures and multimedia contents and the user can navigate backward or forward with the touch of his fingers and can show detailed informations selecting an element.

Interactive image information retrieval Put clickable areas on the painting to allow the user to access directly the desired info for who doesn't want to play and just wants to get a specific detail.