Street Crossing Game


Stefano Tolomeo – 823639

Marco Trabattoni Р823346

  • Children with Intellectual Disorders
  • Large Screen Interaction
  • Touchless Interaction
  • Robot Interaction
  • Kinect
  • Arduino

The aim of the project is to realize an application that can help and guide children with disorders in the autism spectrum in a real crosswalk under the orders of a supervisor (in this case, a robot).

The game has two different versions depending on the robot mode: Policeman-Mode and SemaphoreMode. In the former , the robot represents a policeman and his long arms are kept raised; in the latter, the robot is a semaphore and its arms can be lowered or not. On both game versions, the only movement allowed to the robot is a rotation along his vertical axis.

The semaphore mode has not been implemented yet, but all the code can be easily expanded in order to include this second application. Furthermore, the robot is ready to support this mode thanks to the semaphore built on its backside, while in the front his appearance resembles the one of a policeman.