EIT Street Smart

During 2014, related to the Smart Spaces Action Line of the Program EIT ICT Labs, the project Street Smart have been developed; the project’s aim was to design and develop personalized information services for the smart city. The project’s partners were Aalto University, Nokia, Politecnico di Milano, Technical University of Berlin, Telecom Italia – Joint Open Lab S-Cube and VTT-Finland.

Politecnico di Milano contributed into the project by creating a new engaging User Experience to promote, advertise and inform the citizens. The two considered application domains were fashion and tourism.

During the project, we designed and developed two different application prototypes, based on the same system architecture and on a set of shared concepts, like the integration of public large displays and personal mobile devices, the touchless motion-based interaction paradigm, the content personalization and the gamification.

The part related to the large screen interaction is based on a specific sensing technology: the Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 sensor. Through this technology, it has been possible to adopt a full-body interaction paradigm and to detect and recognize a set of specific mid-air gestures and user’s movements in front of the screen. By the other side, the interaction with the personal users’ devices was realized through the development of a specific mobile application for the Android OS.

Related to the contents’ personalization, we developed a specific recommendation system, based on the demographic and social data of the users and on the current and past interaction’s data. The contents on display are tailored to the characteristics of single and of a group of users.

The communication and synchronization between the large screen and the personal user device were handled through the Near Field Communication (NFC) protocol and using remote repositories to share user generated contents.

The multimedia contents exploration is flanked by gamification functionalities, like the possibility to take selfies into virtual reality environment or to personify celebrities.

Explore Milan - Tourism Pilot

Laura Punto - Fashion Pilot






Funded by


  • Politecnico di Milano
    Politecnico di
  • Telecom Italia – Joint Open Lab S-Cube
    Telecom Italia
  • Aalto University
    Aalto Universit
  • Technical University of Berlin
    Technical Unive
  • VTT-Finland


  • Associate Professor Franca Garzotto
  • Eng. Luigi Oliveto
  • D.Eng Matteo Valoriani
  • Eng. Antonella Di Rienzo

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