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Activity n°A15257 EIT Digital Program 2015

Nowadays three per cent of the world's population (200M) has some type of Intellectual Disability (ID). These numbers indicate an urgent need for focused and ongoing intervention. Characteristics of intellectual disability include a significantly reduced ability to understand new and complex information, learn new skills, cope independently, and to recognize the results of own actions. ID includes cerebral palsy, communications disorders, mental retardation, autism, auditory and visual impairments, emotional disorders, disorders of attention and hyperactivity, learning disabilities and epilepsy.

This project explores how interactive technology can be designed to help those persons with ID, especially the ones suffering of impaired cognitive functioning and deficits in socialization skills and to develop innovative solutions for them.

Specifically, P3S attempts to combine virtual worlds on large screens, mobile robots, and smart objects (i.e., physical objects enriched with sensors and actuators). The ultimate goal is to develop applications for children with ID that orchestrate the behavior of all the above elements and offer a stimulating multisensory user experience. From a UX design perspective, these applications should be perceived as games and will involve a plethora of interaction paradigms: tangible interaction with smart objects, interaction with robots, and touchless motion based interaction with the virtual worlds on the large screens.

P3S Kid's Activities


Poli Says Color

Poli Says Color - Multiplayer

Magic Ball

Poli Says Shape

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Carlo Riva - Director of L'Abilità Onlus

  • We have always seen the use of lights for relaxation while, in this concepts, I see the potential of lights (and screens) for joyful educational purposes.”





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  • Associate Professor Franca Garzotto
  • Eng. Mirko Gelsomini
  • Eng. Francesco Clasadonte

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