Theses are available at the lab on the topics listed below. Many theseis are developed in the contextof on going collaborations that we have in national or international projects with educational/therapeutic institutions and companies such as:  TIM, British Telecom, Price Water House, Deloitte Digital, Google US, CHICCO Artsana, IBM Watson Labs US and MIT Media Lab.

For the best theses, students will be invited to write scientific papers about their work and to submit them to outstanding international conferences, or to participate to international student competitions. They will receive funding to attend these events in case their submissions are accepted.

Last year, some students had the opportunity to attend ACM CHI, the most important conference worldwide on Human Computer Interaction, held in Silicon Valley, and to ACM AVI, the premiere  conference on visual interfaces, held in Bari.



  • Social Robots for children as Storytelling Companions: Machine Learning Approaches

  • Child-Robot Interaction in Pediatric Care Contexts

  • Smart objects for education and social communication through tactile, sound, visual and luminous stimuli

  • Socially Assistive Cognitive Robotics for the Elderly

  • Adaptive Immersive Virtual Reality Storytelling Tools for Children with Special Needs

  • Wearable Smartifiers: transforming objects in smart objects

  • Physiologic computing to monitor children’s behavious

  • Eye Tracking for monitoring and interaction in playful activities for children with special needs